Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yanks v Sox

Tonight's marquee game (as proclaimed by the Northeastern media juggernauts) is the Yankees versus the Red Sox. The Evil Empire versus the "Nation." Just what we need, another nationally televised (MLB Network's game of choice) Yankees-Sox game. On the mound is Joba Chamberlain, who I am sick of hearing about, and John Smoltz, who claimed Atlanta's offer of $2M guaranteed with incentives of up to $10M if he pitched enough innings (which he could do if he was/is as healthy as he claimed to be over the offseason) was not good enough for someone who had given what he had to the franchise. I want to see both pitchers get lit up, maybe see the Yanks' youngster David Robertson get the win, and Mo get another save to add to his amazing career (I currently prefer the "Empire" to the "Nation").

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