Sunday, August 9, 2009

ABC Coverage of the Sotomayor Confirmation

ABC is the latest of the media juggernauts to blatantly display their liberal bias. The network referred to the confirmation of Sotomayor as a "Jackie Robinson" moment. The problem is that all these democrat senators who according to the left did such a great thing by confirming the first Hispanic justice to the court are mainly the same democrats who, in 2001, had the opportunity to confirm a Bush nominee, Miguel Estrada, to a lower court, the D.C. Court of Appeals. Rather than do so, however, they conducted a filibuster and Estrada never received a vote. Estrada was magna cum laude at Columbia University and later the same at Harvard Law. From there he went on to have a fantastic career. The mainstream media had no problem with the democrats opposing the nomination of Estrada to the D.C. Court of Appeals, yet they were in complete upheaval at those who voiced legitimate dissent with the nomination of Sotomayor, who is an outspoken racist and has been praised for her ideals of decisions based on empathy, rather than the law and the opportunity to legislate from the bench. This double standard is disgusting.

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