Sunday, August 23, 2009


Injuries stink. I know that they are a part of baseball, but they still stink. The Amazin' Mess in New York has suffered from the injury bug worse than any I can recall. Here's a quick run down of what the Mess have been missing this year:

J.J. Putz (The eighth inning man acquired to help bolster the bullpen, especially in the absence of the next guy)
Billy Wagner (He was traded this week and they knew he was out this year, but still?)
Carlos Beltran
Carlos Delgado
Jose Reyes
and most recently, the team's leader, David Wright

Each of these six guys are perennial All-Stars and capable of carrying a team that has decent starting pitching.

Back here in Atlanta, the home team is facing a sudden rush of health problems. Today's starting center fielder is Reid Gorecki - he was last night's center fielder as well. Reid was playing in Buford just last week (I know, I was there to see him). I would say that he is no higher than third or fourth as far as the choice in Braves optimal decision for center field behind McLouth, Church, and Infante. If McLouth were not on the DL, Gorecki would still be with the G-Braves.
Here is today's key injury listing:

Nate McLouth
Ryan Church
Garret Anderson
Martin Prado

I realize that this is only four guys and one is actually on the DL, but consider that the Braves carry 13 position players. Eight start leaving five bench players. Three are likely unavailable (Prado is uncertain, but likely out today), that leaves two reserves for today, one of which is the back-up catcher, you know he is staying on the bench for an emergency. That makes Greg Norton our lone bench option for today. Yikes.

Go get 'em boys, but don't get hurt, there isn't anybody available to play behind you except maybe Kris Medlin.

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